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Christian basics

Let’s be very clear. As Christians, we believe that Jesus Christ was the promised Messiah as prophesied in the Old Testament. We also believe that the Holy Bible is text inspired by God. Furthermore, we believe that God created the Universe. In other words, science says from nothing, everything and we say from God, everything.

Discovering & rediscovering Christianity

Many Christians in the United States are sort of born into Christianity. In other words, their family raised them in a Christian environment, they understand the basic teachings and they generally believe these teachings to be true to some degree. In many cases, Christians are being failed by their church and church leaders. If education in general in the United States is failing, Christian education is near an all-time low.

Christian iron sharpening Christian iron

There is so much more to Christianity than the general niceties, morals, rules, parables and or poetic nuances that it’s typically described as. The more you study the world, humans and information, the closer you’ll get to God, especially if you’re a ‘luke-warm’ Christian. Studying Christianity is studying origins, good, evil, philosophy and love. It’s understanding and establishing a rock-solid worldview based on faith, love, patience and justice.

everything christian all in one place

Diving deeper into the Holy Bible & Christian related topics

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