We are ardent Christians and are on a mission to help consumers find Christian products in a world where few exist.

We have spent a great deal of time studying the world and the ‘human condition’. We’ve dug deep into into every rabbit hole there is or at least those that seemingly challenge a Christian biblical world view.

Beyond confirmation bias, using simple logic and objective critical thinking, we are happy to report that Christianity is so much more than simply ‘positive thinking’ or hippie prodded peace and love.

We encourage you (if you’re on the fence) to start here, on a foundation of these 3 concepts and develop your ‘worldview’ around them. Number 1, good and evil exists in this world. Number 2, you have free will. Number 3, you are more than an impossible collection of randomness that miraculously lives and functions due to evolution.

Brassfeet is about showcasing and being proud of a true Christian biblical worldview. We manage many other blogs, we are staunch supporters in freedom of speech and freedom of religion. However, Brassfeet is specifically about what we believe and celebrate as true Christians.

Furthermore, Brassfeet is a project for bringing Christian products of absolutely all kinds to the forefront. This is partly to help monetize this project so that we can continue to devote more time to it. Lastly, it’s because we’ve found Christian products (of all kinds & types) and even marketing of said products increasingly rare.